Romance Novel By Colleen Hoover: Its End With Us

Romance Novel By Colleen Hoover: Its End With Us

It Ends with Us is a romance novel by American writer Colleen Hoover and published by Atria Books on August 2, 2016. Based on the relationship between her parents, Colleen Hoover expresses it as “the hardest book I’ve ever written.”

As of 2019, the novel had sold over 1 million copies worldwide and been translated into over twenty languages. A sequel titled is ”It Starts with Us” was published in October 2022.

The Story

Lily Bloom moves to Boston with hopes of opening her own floral shop after her college graduation. A short time ago she has given the eulogy at her father’s funeral in her hometown of Plethora, Maine. Lily’s father was abusive towards her mother and he kept the abuse a secret, leading Lily to resent both of them. She reads her old childhood diaries and reminisce about her first love Atlas Corrigan, who left her to join the military but promised to return to her.

While fighting with her feelings, she met with neurosurgeon Ryle Kincaid. They are undeniably attracted to one another, but they do not chase a relationship as Lily is looking for commitment while Ryle is only interested in a casual fling. However, once Lily successfully starts her floral shop business, they continue to meeting with each other and start a beautiful relationship.

One night, Lily laughs at Ryle when he accidentally drops a casserole, and he aggressively pushes her to the ground before frantically apologizing. Immediately Lily is reminded of her father’s behaviour’s to her mother; while terrified & horrified but she decides they are different from her parents and accepts his heartfelt apologies and warns him that she will leave if he behave or hurts her again.

While dining at a restaurant where Atlas works and Lily reconnects with Atlas, making Ryle immediately jealous despite her insistence that Atlas is her only a friend but Atlas suspecting that Ryle may be abusing Lily after he noticing her injuries, Atlas secretly gives her his contact number.

Lily and Ryle happily get married to each other and have a stable marriage until he finds Atlas’s contact number and assaults Lily then he confesses that he accidentally shot and killed his brother Emerson as a child and resulting in trauma that causes him to have rage-filled & aggressive episodes. Lily reconcile with Ryle but He assaults her again after finding her childhood diaries and believing that she is having an affair with Atlas.

But Lily escapes the house and calls Atlas. He takes her to the hospital, where she find out that she is pregnant with Ryle’s child, which she have to keep a secret from Ryle. She stays with Atlas for a couple of days while Ryle leaves the country for a fellowship and eventually moves back home while Ryle is still out of the country. Atlas admits to Lily that he still has feelings for her but she has suppressed them because of Ryle. Finally, she can understand what her mother went through, Lily reveals her about the abuse.

When Ryle returns then Lily forms a indefinite truce with him and allows Ryle to help her through the last few months of her pregnancy but remains emotionally distant from him. Lily later gives birth to a beautiful daughter, whom she names after Ryle’s late brother Emerson. After giving birth, Lily realized that she does not want her daughter to grow up and be a witness to Ryle’s aggressive outbursts and she ask him for a divorce but He tearfully begs her to rethink but finally understands her perspective and agrees to separate after she asks him how he would react if their daughter told him she was being abused by her partner. Lily hopes she has finally ended the cycle of abuse in her life and telling her daughter, “It ends with us.”

In the epilogue, Lily is co-parenting with Ryle, finds Atlas and tells him that she is ready to start a new beginning her relationship with him.